Meet the band:

Matt AppletonMatt Appleton

guitar, vocals



Sean BeattySean Beatty

drums, vocals



Dave AppletonDave Appleton

bass, vocals



Bobby BoothBobby Booth


"Here's To Dischord" was formed in 1998. Matt Appleton, Sean Beatty, Dave Appleton, and Bobby Booth make up the dynamic rock act. Each member sings, though M. Appleton and Beatty are the principle songwriters, and perform all the lead vocals. Matt Appleton plays guitars, bass guitar, valve trombone, tenor sax, baritone sax, and auxiliary percussion. Beatty plays drums, guitars, keyboards, trombone, and auxiliary percussion. Booth plays trombone, keyboards, and auxiliary percussion, and D. Appleton plays bass, mandolin, ukelele, and auxiliary percussion. Each member brings a wide range of musical experience and talent to the group that helps contribute to their unique sound.

Though the group currently performs pop-rock music, their past musical experience has stretched across many genres. In order to satisfy urges to perform in many styles and achieve a high level of versatility, each member performs on multiple instruments for recordings. During their elementary and high school years each member qualified for several regional, all-state, and all-New England music festivals in choirs, concert bands, jazz ensembles, and orchestras.

Beatty, Booth, and the Appleton brothers all attended different colleges in the Northeast, yet they were still able to work on music projects during time off from school. The college experience has only helped improve the quality of music the band produces. Three members majored in music; the other is a music minor. Trombonist Booth graduated with a degree in music education and in addition to playing in the jazz ensemble, orchestra, and brass ensemble, conducted the University of New Hampshire's Co-Ed a cappella singing group "Alabaster Blue." Beatty was actively involved in multiple vocal and instrumental ensembles at the College of the Holy Cross and performed with Kenny Rogers as a back-up vocalist. Matt Appleton has been active in the Skidmore College chorus, multiple jazz ensembles on both trombone and saxophone, and directed and arranged for the school's Co-Ed a cappella singing group, "The Dynamics." The Dynamics recently performed at Avery Fischer Hall and were ranked among the top six groups in the Nation, garnering a front-page feature in the New York Times arts section. Dave Appleton was very active in the Hartwick College chorus, orchestra, and jazz ensemble.

After college, Matt went back to school in order to get his associates degree in record engineering. Dave and Sean spent their summer with Matt in Orlando writing and performing music. They also recorded the tracks for their second album at the Full Sail studios. The tracks were edited during winter break and the album was completed in December 2004. Matt then moved to LA where he started working as a recording engineer in various studios. Booth spent a year in South Carolina teaching music, but then rejoined the band to devote his life to rock.

Now that all members are out of school, they are eager to devote more time to the band.


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